Prevent Valuable Annual Automatic Gate Maintenance

Automatic gate maintenance is important if you want to make sure that your gate stays in good shape for years. You don’t want to put your gate on the fence of your home and not have it open all the time because it’s always giving you problems or the springs are giving out. This can cause a lot of problems if someone walks by and trips over it. It could cause your gate to fall and injure someone. It may even cost you money if it’s not open all the time.

automatic gate maintenance

When considering automatic gate maintenance, you’ll first want to decide which type of game you have. There are several types including swing, side, and backyard gates. A swing gate is one that opens from a top rail. Side and backyard gates open from either the side or the bottom rail. The type that you have will determine how often you have to maintain the gate.

The best way to ensure proper operation is to inspect the moving parts on a regular basis. This will help prevent problems that may arise from wear or other damage. A good inspection schedule should include inspecting both the outside and the inside hinges, rollers, and cables on the gates every six months or so.

Swing and side gates can be inspected on a regular basis using a spring torsion spring device. This is a very easy to use tool that allows you to easily examine all of the moving parts. If there are any cracks or signs of distress in any of the moving parts, you should replace them right away. If you notice rust, excessive fraying, or if the gate needs to be repainted, you should avoid using your electric gate maintenance equipment until these problems have been resolved. In addition to inspecting the moving parts, you should also examine the automatic gate frame, swing, and side panels on a regular basis. By doing this, you will be able to determine any areas that may need repair as well as identify problems that develop over time.

Garage doors are another area that can benefit from regular automatic gate maintenance. Most people do not realize how important it is to regularly inspect and lubricate these gates. Although garage doors are designed to be very robust, they can become damaged and fail during times when you are least expecting them. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your doors are functioning properly and can be used for years to come.

Whether you own a swing, side, or electric garage door, you should perform at least one maintenance visit every six months. You should also make sure that you service all of the moving parts on your gates on a yearly basis. If you neglect this duty, you could find that your gates malfunction and stop working. It is important to understand that by performing these necessary maintenance visits, you are protecting your investment, as well as, making sure that your doors continue to work properly.

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