Paul Leongas Irish Pub and Restaurant Review

Paul Leongas I have to admit I wasn’t going to like the Curragh Irish Pub so much. I don’t normally get Irish food, unless I’m at a pub or a fancy restaurant. But, for once, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The Curragh Irish Pub is located on the Northside of Dublin city centre. You have to cross over the river St. Pearces to get to the Irish Pub but, if you’re passing through, the area is well worth a look. The bar itself is the work of the famous chef, Colleen Hickey who also owns the award winning Leith Kitchen.

the Curragh Irish Pub

First time ordering out of this place since the previous visit was pretty poor. Fish and chips were pretty cold. The chicken was cold and the potatoes were dry. The beef was also dry. The Apple Cider French onion soup that was delicious the last time I was there fell quite short of being an excellent soup and it wasn’t even half the size as remembered…

My second visit was for lunch and I decided to try the “Borough Irish Burger” which is a pretty good meal. Again, the service was excellent. The staff was helpful and took care of my order in a friendly manner. The counter woman even asked me how I liked my burger and what else I wanted to add. It was a very good service from beginning to end.

The Irish music and dancing were another reason to try the Curragh Irish Pub. The atmosphere was jovial and the music was just wonderful. Plus, they play the traditional Irish music on the patio during the summer. The bartender even came to talk with us prior to our first drink and he was nice enough to make us feel at home.

The Curragh Irish Pub also has an extremely good selection of Irish food. They serve some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The food is usually a mix of different Irish entrees such as fish and chips, meatballs, beef stew, and fish and chips. Everything was very good and came out quickly. The prices are reasonable, and if you don’t like anything you just move along to the next establishment.

Overall, the Irish bar and restaurant that I have reviewed are a decent place to eat and have lots of neat things to do with the surrounding environment. The price is very reasonable and well worth the visit for the holiday season. If you are planning to make this a regular stop when visiting Ireland, make sure you check out the Irish Pub. You will not be disappointed with the food, the service, or the ambiance.

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